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Human-Grade Natural ingredients

The Choice Of A Pawsome Life


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Human-Grade Natural ingredients

Why Choose Us?

My Little Tails was born from extensive scientific research in vet nutrition in the global field. Based on our pet-first principle, we use simple ingredients to develop natural meal supplements that help pets live their best life. 

“The choice of a pawsome life. Pets are more than companions. They deserve the best possible quality products to achieve optimal health.”

--- My Little Tails Team

Organic Ingredients

Discover the goodness of organic ingredients in our products, ensuring your pet's health and happiness with natural nutrition.


No added colors, no flavours, no additives or preservatives, no fillers, and gluten free.

Australian Made

Embrace the premium quality with our Australian-made & New Zealand-made products, delivering exceptional care for your pets while supporting Australian businesses.

Krill Oil for Dogs & Cats - Maxi Omega 3 SoftGel with HUMAN GRADE Organic Greens for Dogs of All Sizes - Meal Topper Powder - Immunity & Detox NZ Green Lipped Mussels for Dogs & Cats - Meal Topper Powder - Joint & Hip Health Freeze-Dried Berries for Dogs - Meal Topper - Urinary & Eye Health

Your Best Friend Loves...

Our Natural Power

We care about natural raw materials in high quality so we collaborate with local organic farms in Australia and sustainable marine farms in New Zealand.

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What Other Pet Parents Say...


"Just a quick shoutout for the Green Lipped Mussel powder. It's only been a few months, but our kitty Max is already moving around better. She's way more comfortable with her joints and actually enjoys her meals even more with this mixed in."

Dora P

Victoria, AUS


"I got organic super green for my dog, and it's been a big hit! This organic green powder mix is super easy to add to his food and he doesn't even fuss. Highly recommend!"


Victoria, AUS


"My dog Cream has been taking these supplements for over a year now. Not only does he seem more energetic and playful, but his coat has become shinier, and overall, he just seems happier and more vibrant."

Della D

Victoria, AUS


"The freeze-dried berries mix is super easy to sprinkle on her food. Since using it, her urinary health seems better, and her eyes are brighter. Definitely worth it for pet owners!"


Queensland, AUS


"My corgi loves the taste! It's just natural berries, really simple to use.He's doing better with his urinary stuff, and his eyes look healthier. “

Kelly White

New South Wales, AUS