About Us

You're probably thinking... why choose us? What makes My Little Tails so special?

Here is our answer and it's also what you can expect when you choose us.


We Believe Power of the Nature

My Little Tails was born from extensive scientific research in vet nutrition in the global field. Based on our pet-first principle, we use simple ingredients to develop 100% natural meal supplements that help pets live their best life. 

All essential ingredients are human-grade, and all our products are designed and formulated with real clinically helpful ingredients rather than something small beer.

We very care about natural raw materials in high quality so we collaborate with local organic farms in Australia and sustainable marine farm in New Zealand.

All our products are Non-GMO without any unnecessary chemical additives and fillers.


We Care Sustainability

Although we are a small local business, we're committed to becoming a responsible one. At My Little Tails, we work hard to do right thing for Mother Earth.

We've set a sustainable approach from our raw material suppliers to product packaging.We have adopted sustainable approaches from raw material suppliers to product packaging. In this process, it is our commitment to avoid any additional environmental costs and minimize our impact on the environment.

The delivery package box can be recycled. Please keep our Thank You Card to record your pet's deworming dates as well as keep the jar of products to refill and reuse.

We will donate 1% of our online sales  to WWF Regenerate Australia to help increase the capacity of wildlife hospitals so more injured animals survive.


We are Here for You

We care about your feedback. We appreciate you choosing us and we will never settle for anything less than high quality products. If you have any feedback that helps us to improve, please let me know. You can send emails to info@mylittletails.com.au or you also can fill out the form in Contact Us, we will be in touch as soon as possible.