1. Where does My Little Tails get its ingredients from?

Our ingredients are ethically sourced from Local Australia, New Zealand and North America. All organic ingredients are certified to ACO organic standards. We list the botanical origin of each ingredient on each product label.


2. How long should I give the products to my dog/cat?

All My Little Tails products are suitable for long-term feeding and will boost your pet's nutrition.


3. Can Puppies have My Little Tails products?

Although all ingredients are naturally selected by My Little Tails, we suggest you choose our products for your puppy after it is over the age of 12 weeks.


4. How much am I supposed to feed my dog?

The recommended feeding guides are listed on our website as well as on the label of each product. Some products contain active ingredients that cannot be consumed exceeding daily dosage.


5. My dog does not seem to like the product, what should I do?

Some dogs may be sensitive about diet changes. We recommend you feed them with their main meals instead of their drinking water and slowly introduce the product into your dog's meal. Sometimes sudden diet changes may cause temporary stomach upsets. If that happens, a half dosage is recommended for the first 2 weeks to let your dog get used to our products.


6. Can I give my dog more than one product at the same time?

Yes. No matter with conventional or raw diets, My Little Tails products are safe to be given to your pet individually or in combination with each other. If you choose to give your pet different products, please make sure there are no similar products in the combination. You can give half of the recommended dosage of each product or you can give different products at different eating times with the recommended dosage, for example, give one product with breakfast and another one with dinner.


7. Are there any side effects?

No. There are absolutely no side effects at all. However, please do not give green-lipped mussel products if your pets are allergic to fish or shellfish.


8. Can My Little Tails products be used with other medications?

Although our products are 100% natural and safe, we suggest you consult a veterinarian if your pet is taking medication for any chronic diseases.


9. Do the products help with arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, etc?

The series of Green Lipped Mussel products by My Little Tails cannot cure arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia. However, they can relieve joint pain by reducing inflammation and supporting cartilage repair. 


10. Are the My Little Tails products for Dogs Only?

We are proud that all of our products are made from human grade ingredients. Although most of My Little Tails products are designed and tested for dogs, Green Lipped Mussel Powder with Turmeric and our Mega Series are also suitable for cats. You can find the information on our website or on our products shown next to our logo. It marks if the product is safe both for dogs and cats, or Dogs Only.